Dr. Elliott graduated from the Southern College of Optometry in Memphis in 1991. He has been practicing in San Antonio since 1993.

Dr. Elliott is experienced in contact lenses, children's vision and the treatment of eye disease. But, more importantly, he is friendly. He's not one of those grouchy optometrists who rush you through the exam. Dr. Elliott is very patient and will take all the time needed to ensure that your vision needs are met.
Donna is definitely the brains behind San Jose Vision Company, but she's also the nicest person you'd ever want to know (any nicer and you wouldn't want to know her). She can teach even the most timid person to put on contact lenses, and she may help you pick out glasses that make you look cooler than you actually are!

If that isn't enough for you, Donna is also an internationally recognized author of teen novels!
Check out her latest at www.donnaelliott.net!
Almost an urban legend, no one knows much about Mysterious Tim. Some say he is just a man. Some say he is a ghost - heard, rather than seen. Still others say he doesn't exist at all. Whatever the case, Mysterious Tim makes his presence known early in the mornings at San Jose Vision - grinding noises emanating from the back. If you try to catch a glimpse, chances are there will be no one there - just a fresh stack of perfectly cut eyeglasses and .... always..... an empty can of Coke.
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(210) 492-4101
(210) 492-4101
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Marlo may be the newest member of the San Jose team but we guarantee you're gonna love her! Marlo's sole passion in life is sending your Alcon contact lenses directly to your door! If that's not enough, she will not charge you a penny for delivery no matter how many lenses you order. See - we knew you'd love her! Just click on her picture and she'll tell you more.
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