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Gently change the shape of your eye to correct near-sightedness while you sleep.
The DreamLens Contact Lens is a patented gas permeable contact lens that changes the shape of your eye while sleeping. The result is improved uncorrected vision throughout the day.

The DreamLens offers an alternative solution. Unlike surgical procedures whose results are permanent, the DreamLens design can be fine-tuned to address any future vision needs. Plus, if you choose to stop wearing the DreamLens, the eye returns to its original shape.

Typically only one night is required to see an improvement in uncorrected vision. It is not unusual to have excellent uncorrected vision on the next morning after the first night of wear. Within one week, in most cases, only nightwear is required to maintain good vision throughout the day.
Experience Improved Vision on the Very First Day
Call today to find out more information, or come in for a free consultation with Dr. Elliott to see if the DreamLens is right for you!
-2.50D before DreamLens treatment
After DreamLens treatment
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