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Mention this album at the time of your appointment and Dr. Elliott will reward your good taste by playing it during your exam! What more could you want?
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Exam and glasses!
I tell ya, not since the glory days of Rome has there been an offer this good! An eye exam and a complete pair of glasses for just over a C note. Now, these frames are not Guccis (but you weren't expecting that). But they do look good. You know how you can buy a Korean knock-off purse or wallet? This is the same kind of deal (but all legal).
Refractive Surgery
Specials and Oddities
The Satelliters - Zastethomalex
Lens parameters:
sphere +4.00 to -6.00
cylinder to -2.00
This is the new one by German garage rock gurus - The Satelliters. These guys have been endlessly looping 1966 for the past 20 years and they have the sound down pat. This album is jam-packed with pure fuzzy, gritty, pounding psychedelia.
I dig it!